Family Zone – Wellesley Case Study

22 June 2020
As part of our ongoing commitment to educational excellence and our duty of care to ensure students’ safety and well-being, Wellesley partnered with Family Zone.

Family Zone is the leading provider of cyber safety security services to both schools and parents. We’ve selected Family Zone because: 

A broad suite of network and device services:  Family Zone offers the school a broad suite of services to enable us to deliver digital citizenship programs and manage our access policies across the school network and on student devices.

School Community features:  Family Zone offers both school and parent features that allow our school community to work together.

Cyber Experts:  Family Zone is the platform of choice for leading cyber safety experts and educators.

At Wellesley College, we require that all students who bring devices to school (phones, laptops, chromebooks, ipads, tablets), have Mobile Zone installed on them. Mobile Zone is Family’s Zone app, that ensures that children are kept safe in the cyber world, when away from home.

Both Family Zone and Wellesley are thrilled with the success of this partnership.  So much so that Family Zone has presented a full case study about is, which are proud to share with you below;

Wellesley College Family Zone Case Study