Are you interested in our Wellesley Values Bursaries?

Who is the Bursary for?

Every year we offer financial assistance to families of boys entering Years 3, 4, or 5.

What does the Bursary include?

The bursary is for a 20% discount on tuition fees, for 2 years.

How can the Bursary be used?

To assist families to transfer their sons into private schooling.

For example, you may have already enrolled him, but in a later year. Or you may have a sibling who you’d love to have at Wellesley too.

This opportunity could enable you to make your choice earlier.

How do I know if my son is eligible?

Bursaries will be awarded to students who can demonstrate they have the potential to become a Wellesley boy.

What is a Wellesley boy? See below!

Please note: other eligibility criteria apply.

When do applications close?

Applications close on 26th August.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any queries about bursaries, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda Barfoot or  call (04) 562 8030 ext 802.

Why Wellesley?

At Wellesley, your son will be surrounded by boys who want to learn, and teachers who want to teach.

We don’t have big open-plan classrooms with lots of kids and multiple teachers because we believe that boys feel lost and can become invisible.

Our promise to you is that your boy will be seen and challenged.

Pillars: Discover through values

We’re a school for boys.

We’re a boys school, so our school programme is designed to make it easy for your son to engage with the other boys in his class and his teachers.

In this environment, he is respected for his strengths as well as his areas of need.

We are confident your son will thrive and achieve his full potential.

What does a Wellesley Boy look like?

Our boys come to us from all walks of life, but they all leave as “can-do” kids with a strong sense of belonging. A Wellesley Boy:

  • Has strong foundations in literacy and maths
  • Is a great communicator
  • Has the confidence to take risks
  • Is curious to discover
  • Is competitive, but not at all costs
  • Is prepared for secondary school.
Would you like your son to be a Wellesley Boy? We’d love to hear from you.  

Register your interest in the Wellesley Values Bursaries, and we will be in touch to book an appointment for you with Michael Bain, our Principal.

We’re excited to meet you and your son!

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