Wellesley Old Boys

At Wellesley, we like to stay in touch with our past pupils, our ‘Old Boys’.  Along with the wider community including past parents, we also refer to our Old Boys as ‘Friends of Wellesley’Our Friends of Wellesley database is about you and the history of Wellesley. Not only are there thousands of boys who have been educated at Wellesley over the last 100 years, but we know there are many staff and former parents who feel specially connected to Wellesley.

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We like to keep in touch with our Wellesley family, but it can be hard when people move house, city or country, and even email addresses get updated. Keeping us up to date with your contact details helps to re-connect you with old friends join our alumni network, plus we’ll be able to share Alumnae news and events with you.

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Thank you for staying in touch and remaining connected with the school.

Do you have news to share? Please email our Alumni office, we would love to hear your news and feature your story too.

Read how our old boys reconnect with Wellesley, and about their sporting and academic achievements in our Community News.

Our hope is that we can offer you all reconnection to Wellesley through our news and Alumni communications, and you can help us keep you in touch, by emailing us your updated contact details.

For all enquiries and updates contact:

Email: alumni@wellesley.school.nz

Telephone: 04 562 8030

History – Old Boys Class Lists 1914 – 1989

Download a copy of our archive roll list from Peter Harcourt’s ‘Wellesley College – A History’, published in 1989 here

The Supplementary roll list (1914 – 1965) from Harcourt’s book is also available to download here