Wellesley Football Academy

The philosophy of the training group is simple “Boys who are more technically able, enjoy the game more because they can make more of an impact on the game”.

We will produce more technically gifted players who can make good decisions in the game, so they make more of an impact in their matches. Training will replicate the match in speed and in opposed situations so players need to make decisions based on time and space.


  • Wellesley boys have the chance to further develop their love of the game during school time.
  • 3 Groups: Years 1-4, Years 5-6, Years 7-8. Limited numbers in each group.
  • Players train twice a week in school time. 25 week program (50 sessions)
  • 25 weeks a year. The training group starts from week 5 in Term 1, continues in all weeks in Term 2 (10) and all weeks in Term 3 (9).


Little Ballers Group: Year 1-4


Apprentice Group: Year 5-6


Pro Group: Year 7-8

Why WFA?

  • We can focus exclusively on the individual (personalised learning), rather than the team.
  • Focus on developing individuals who are comfortable on the ball, who can play in a range of environments.
  • Players can play for their local clubs and not have to travel extensively to receive a very high standard of coaching.
  • Our methodology encourages game like decision making in opposed situations.


$500 for the entire year. Term 1: $120, Term 2: $200, Term 3: $180