ICT Digital Learning & Safety

Our digital strategy is simple: The teaching and learning of our boys is our key focus. Wellesley leverages digital technology to enhance the learning experience. To that end, we use a 1-1 device programme to offer a personalised approach to learning where our ākonga, students, explore, create and think critically about their education.

All of our classrooms are wirelessly networked with interactive display panels. Each student in Years 1 to Year 4 is provided with a device to use at school. From Years 5 to 8, we run a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) computer scheme, where boys are required to have their own computer for day to day work at school and home.

At Wellesley we are committed to online safety and promoting that our boys and their families have access to resources to ensure responsible digital citizenship. Through our partnership with Family zone we have an Online Safety Hub which provides information on a range of topics from Tiktok, Facebook, Discord and games like Minecraft, Fortnite and Roblox, to screen time, gaming and online bullying.

Please open the linked document to view our Cyber Safety Overview document which was realeased in July 2023

Digital Learning- BYOD

Wellesley has extended its BYOD scheme to include Year 5 students. Access to limited loan devices is available through each classroom teacher. However, we only have a finite amount of loan devices.

If your son is currently in Years 6,7 or 8, we appreciate that he will already have a device that he has been using this year. It is absolutely fine for him to continue using this device and you do not have to purchase a new one. We will ensure that existing devices will still work on our system and support his learning.

For information on devices that meet our specifications and requirements please visit our ICT partner, Cyclone. After enrollment, the school can provide you with a login to the Cyclone website to purchase devices that meet the school’s requirements.

However, some of you may already have devices at home, that you were intending to provide for your son, rather than purchasing one of the Cyclone options. If this is the case, please ensure that it does meet the specifications below:

  • 9-hour battery life – Charging at home for a full days use at school
  • 11″ screen size minimum
  • Touch screen capabilities, with a stylus is preferred
  • Physical keyboard (for posture and screen-based work)
  • Instant start up 
  • Ability to use Office 365 platforms
  • Easily portable
  • Camera (dual facing if possible) and microphone-enabled


Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows Operating System (very strongly advised)
  • Wifi enabled
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Office 365 Compatible (Boys in Year 5-8 will be provided with a login username (email) and they will then be able to download Office 365 from the school portal.)
  • Battery life of at least 6 hours


Not Suitable:

  • Chromebooks
  • Apple Laptops – MacBook Pro/ Air
  • Tablet devices such as iPad and Android tablets (however, a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4 is fine)
  • Mobile phone
  • iPod Touch
  • Other touch screen devices with screens 10 inches or smaller


We offer set up days before the start of each school year through our on site IT support who will happily assist in ensuring that the device is connected to all our networks and appropriately set up. Should you require this assistance outside of these time please speak to your class teacher who will arrange a time for you Son’s device to be set up.

As part of our digital citizenship responsibilities, boys are required to sign both a Student Digital Safety agreement (see tab across) and a BYOD Device agreement. These ensure that boys and their families are aware of the expectations set out by the school regarding fair and safe usage of devices.



If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with with our Deputy Principal, Veronica Stevens: veronica@wellesley.school.nz or call on (04) 562 8030,  ext. 808.

Digital Safety with Family Zone

As part of our ongoing commitment to educational excellence and our duty of care to ensure students’ safety and well-being, we’re proud to announce that Wellesley College has partnered with Family Zone. To read more about this partnership, Wellesley together with Family Zone have sought to overcome the challenges of Internet Access and Safety in our 21st Century Learning Environment.

Family Zone is the leading provider of cyber safety security services to both schools and parents. We’ve selected Family Zone because of:

  • A broad suite of network and device services: Family Zone offers the school a broad suite of services to enable us to deliver digital citizenship programs and manage our access policies across the school network and on student devices.
  • School Community features: Family Zone offers both school and parent features allowing our school community to work together.
  • Cyber Experts: Family Zone is the platform of choice for leading cyber safety experts and educators.

All students in Years 5 – 8 are required to have Family Zone installed on any device they are intending to bring to school, including laptops, iPads and phones. If your son requires to BYOD, then shortly after enrolment, you will receive an email inviting you to activate your Family Zone account and provide you with support on how to get this installed and set up on your son’s device(s).

We are committed to ensuring our ākonga, students, get the very best education and in today’s fast moving times, technology is a key component. However, it’s abundantly clear to all that technology is exposing our children to risks. Our kura, school, is choosing to tackle these challenges and we do so in full confidence that we’ll receive the support of family, whānau, and our school community.

Wellesley ICT Agreement

At Wellesley, we encourage our boys to always be mindful of our values, and, as such, we take Digital Citizenship very seriously. Please find our ICT Agreement.


If at any time you need further information or support around cyber safety  and supporting your son at home while using the internet, please visit our Wellesley Family Zone hub which has a wealth of resources and information for parents.