Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

STEM is a problem-based and integrated curriculum that encompasses four areas and focuses on developing key skills that we believe will help prepare our ākonga, students, for the future.

We foster curiosity in our students by setting challenging problems that require them to think of real-world solutions to real world-problems. Boys are encouraged to explore and use digital technologies, and to take risks while learning about the world around them.

STEM activities are hands-on and focus strongly on developing key skills such as collaboration, problem solving, communication and creativity.

Year-group classes are scheduled to attend STEM sessions each term in our specialist STEM room along with the specialist teacher and their class teacher. Sessions are varied: Students complete science experiments, program robots to complete tasks and challenges, trap pests, build nesting boxes and design and print 3-D objects.

Many STEM sessions will then continue back in their own classrooms with their own class teachers.

Our Own Sanctuary

At Wellesley, our students are empowered to be the kaitiaki of our unique surroundings. Our overarching goal is to develop our kura, school, into an environmental sanctuary.

We encourage our students to believe that they can make a difference to our world.

Place: Discover our environment

Practical and Engaging

Our monarch butterfly garden allows students to tag and monitor butterflies, while the streams that surround our school are monitored by the students.

Fresh-water creatures, including eels, are encouraged to make the stream their home.

Making a Difference

Our older students snorkel in the bay to learn about the impact we are having on that marine environment.

Boys also track and trap pests and help local community groups with monitoring little blue penguins.

Exciting and Rewarding

The STEM room is where our students have fun while learning. They are encouraged to play and take risks, ask questions and question their answers.

STEM is an exciting and engaging specialist subject that we are proud to offer at Wellesley.