Learning Support

Our mission at Wellesley is to allow each student every opportunity to excel while celebrating his unique learning strengths and needs. In essence, to discover his best.

The Learning Support team works in collaboration with the School Chaplain and the Deputy Principals who support students in the areas of academics, behaviour, and social and emotional development. The Chaplain has an open door policy for students who may benefit from counselling or just wish to chat or play cards in a quiet space.

How does it work?

Targeted and responsive learning programmes include support and opportunities for those who learn in different ways and at different rates. This includes gifted and talented students, those who face learning challenges, and those who are twice exceptional (belonging to both groups).

Support and intervention may be provided by the Learning Support team in or out of class, in small groups or one to one with a specialist as required.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are developed as needed, in collaboration with whānau, class teachers, Head of Learning Support and members of the Learning Support Team. Regular communication between staff occurs to assess and prioritise student requirements, and to ensure support plans are making a difference.

We have strong links with specialists such as psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and have access to Ministry of Education funding for Assistive Technology if required.

If it is decided that additional support may be beneficial, discussions will include Mary-Anne Morgan, Special Education Needs Coordinator – SENCo. We are proactive about referring parents to specialists when we have concerns.

Gifted and Talented

Wellesley is blessed with many high achieving students. Some have been assessed as gifted. It is ‘cool’ to do well at Wellesley.

All boys at Wellesley can access a raft of opportunities and will be taught by specialist teaching staff. Where a student has a specialist report showing that he is gifted, the school may develop an IEP in order to meet his needs. This is done in consultation with the parents, teacher and Learning Support Team.

To enquire further about Learning Support opportunities, please contact the office.