The Wellesley College Foundation

Boys are at the heart of all that Wellesley College does, as a full independent primary school, providing a world leading education for boys aged from 5-13. October 2014 saw Wellesley celebrating its first Centenary. In its first 100 years, thousands of boys have passed through its gates, many of whom have gone on to be local or national heroes as well as industry leaders. We are proud that every single boy who has passed through the halls of Wellesley has benefitted from the progressive educational experience that Wellesley delivers.

This first 100 years has not always been easy; war and economic depression have sometimes challenged the path the school needed to take for its survival. With great faith in the Wellesley educational experience, the Board, The Foundation and the wider “Friends of Wellesley” have over the years raised sufficient funds, through targeted campaigns and donations, to carry out Wellesley’s strategic vision. This included a four stage re-development of its tired campus while still remaining an operational school to 350 young men. Thank you to all those who have guided and supported this significant process.

Today Wellesley enjoys one of the best educational settings in the world with facilities combining the permanence and splendour of the old with the efficiency and energy of the new. Wellesley looks forward eagerly to its second century and particularly to ensuring more boys, through scholarship, have access to the world-class educational opportunities offered.

Who manages the gifted funds?

The Wellesley College Foundation was created in 2006 and tasked with securing, as well as transforming, the school’s educational experience, through protecting its assets and stewarding support for projects and development. Effectively, it acts as the School’s kaitiaki, or guardian:  Future-proofing and protecting. Your continued support is absolutely instrumental in achieving this.

What does your giving support?

By giving to the Foundation through one-off gifts, the purchasing of a terracotta or black BRICK100,  annual and recurring donations,  pledges  and bequests, and through specific campaigns, including the scholarship programme and building development works, you will be securing Wellesley’s future so it can continue to offer a world-class educational experience. Current pledges from Friends of Wellesley provide a strong platform and momentum to create life-changing and transformational opportunities in the future. More information on how to donate is available under giving initiatives and by contacting the Foundation Development office.

Who manages the Foundation?

The Foundation has many stakeholders: Pupils (past, present and future), parents, staff, Board of Trustees, Parents Association, friends and neighbours. Management of the Foundation is vested in the Chair (who is also on the Wellesley Board of Trustees) and Trustees, who are assisted in their decision making by the Principal, Business Manager and the Development Foundation Office. The current Foundation trustees are John Healy (Chair), Matthew Mallett, Andrew Cathie and Andrew Allan. Together, they manage the Foundation Endowment Fund.

The Foundation Endowment Fund

Money from this fund is primarily used to provide annual scholarships to Wellesley. A smaller proportion can be applied to a general-purpose fund for specific purposes such as building development initiatives and can also be made available to the School in circumstances such as an economic decline, a change in demographics, or the need to re-position the school in a changing marketplace.

Thank you

Your gift to the Foundation will make a real difference in delivering a sustainable Wellesley future and will attract a tax rebate in each financial year currently set at 33%. The Wellesley College Foundation is a registered charity, registration number: CCF22015.


Amanda Barfoot, Development Foundation Officer

Phone: (+644 ) 562 8030 ext. 810