ARTBOURNE, based here at Wellesley, is part of our thriving arts programme and is a popular biennial art exhibition of contemporary artworks,  from local and emerging artists,

In year 1 (an even year), ARTBOURNE is a multi-artist curated exhibition; while in year 2 (an odd year) ARTBOURNE is an Artist in Residence programme. This programme welcomes an artist to hold a month long residency in our art room, where they create and further inspire our boys.

Here is some footage of ARTBOURNE 2018. We look forward to welcoming back ARTBOURNE in 2022 so keep an eye on our website and social media for our next exhibition.


ARTBOURNE and the Artist in Residence Programme supports the arts at Wellesley and the Foundation’s Scholarship Programme ‘Promising Futures for Boys’

The Wellesley College Foundation is committed to providing access to young men who would not otherwise have access to a Wellesley education. We are grateful that all the ARTBOURNE artists and the resident artist donate 30% of the sale proceeds of their ARTBOURNE artwork sales to this scholarship programme. Further, funds raised from ARTBOURNE also support the development of the Visual Arts at Wellesley. For more information on this programme, or to donate please go to Promising Futures for Boys.

For more information about the Foundation and Scholarships, please email For more information about ARTBOURNE, please email Glen Jorna, (Head of Visual Arts).

Friends of ARTBOURNE