Travelling to and from Wellesley College

Our unique environment makes Wellesley a destination primary school. As such, we are fortunate to offer our ākonga, students, several bus routes. They are also able to travel on the Ferry and by road.

Ferry Information

Visit the East by West Ferry website for timetable and fare information. Tickets are available via the Ferry Office (Queen’s Wharf), onboard the Ferry and single tickets are available from the school office. The East by West Ferry now runs an electric ferry, the first in the southern hemisphere and built locally, the Ika Rere will provide the boys with an environmentally friendly way to travel to school.

On the 21st of August 2023 the East by West Ferry will be having a time table change, please keep an eye on this link and the website when scheduling your trip across the harbour.

Bus Information

Wellesley is delighted to provide bus transport options to boys in association with in Mana Coaches. While travelling to and from school, our boys are monitored using the RollCall system giving parents/caregivers visibility to see real time information on where their son(s) are. We will always update parents of any new bus routes and schedules as these arise.

In Term 2, 2022 we introduced a new bus route to service the Whitby/Mana area (Bus 6). With the addition of this new route, Wellesley buses now cover Wellington City and suburbs, Lower and Upper Hutt and Whitby, it has never been easier to become part of the Wellesley family.

Bus No.First StopLast StopSuburbs Serviced
Bus 1Karori MallWellesley CollegeKarori, Te Aro, Northland, Thorndon, Point Howard
Bus 2Karori Tunnel Road (Glenmore Street)Wellesley CollegeKarori, Kelburn
Bus 3Ottawa Road LibraryWellesley CollegeNgaio, Khandallah, Johnsonville, Churton Park, Petone
Bus 4Hobson Street (QMC)Wellesley CollegeThorndon, Wadestown, Crofton Downs, Ngaio
Bus 5Upper Hutt StationWellesley CollegeUpper Hutt, Elderslea, Heretaunga, Avalon, Central Hutt, Waterloo
Bus 6Paremata RoadWellesley CollegeWhitby, Central Hutt, Seaview
The six school buses depart Wellesley at the end of the School day, returning along similar if not identical routes. For Bus routes, times and further stop details refer to the Morning (AM) or Afternoon (PM) route information:


Bus 1  Karori | Northland AM bus / PM bus
Bus 2 Karori | Kelburn – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 3 Khandallah | Churton Park | Petone – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 4 Wadestown – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 5 Upper Hutt | Lower Hutt – AM bus /PM bus
Bus 6 Whitby | Lower Hutt – AM bus/ PM bus

Last updated 09/02/2024

Refer to Fees for bus fare information

Roll Call information

Rollcall is Wellesley’s bus management system, allowing parents/caregivers to monitor and track your child(ren) while travelling to school by bus.

Roll call further allows you to set the notifications that you want to receive (eg. arrived at bus stop). Once your child(ren) has been registered on a bus you will receive an email with log in information. You will be given information on setting a password and then you can log into the portal or download the app in either the Play or Apple Store.

Here is a summary of the functions that are available to Wellesley parents:

Bus Mapping – when your child’s bus is logged onto RollCall you will be able to locate it on the map and the stops on your child’s route will be displayed. If you tap the icon representing the bus then you will see your child’s name and their status on the bus.

Alerts – you can be notified of your child’s movement on and off the bus and any exceptions. You can choose when to be notified:

  • Your child scans on or off on the AM or PM routes;
  • When your child has an exception scan:
  1. Wrong Stop – your child has scanned on or off on a stop that the student has not been designated to use;
  2. Off Stop – your child has been picked up or dropped off at a location that is NOT a designated stop on a Wellesley route;
  3. No card – your child has not used their scan token to board or get off the bus;
  4. Not Allocated – your child has boarded a bus they have not been assigned to;

Buses – This feature allows you to book your child from one bus and stop to another or from stop to stop on your child’s route. It also lets you delete your child off their allocated bus route. It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE: You cannot book your child onto a bus that has already reached capacity; You cannot book, change stop or delete your child from a bus that has already commenced (logged on) its route.

My Account – This feature allows you to set up a login for a secondary carer, who may need access to the Parent App. Importantly you can easily deactivate their account via your login.

More information on RollCall can be found on their YouTube channel, please note that we do not use currently use the Absences Feature (3.3 Parents – Absences). There is also two videos for students to know more about how the system works for them.