Travelling to and from Wellesley College

Our unique environment makes Wellesley a destination primary school. As such, we are fortunate to offer our ākonga, students, several bus routes. They are also able to travel on the Ferry and by road.

Ferry Information

Visit the East by West Ferry website for timetable and fare information. Tickets are available via the Ferry Office (Queen’s Wharf), onboard the Ferry and single tickets are available from the school office.

Bus Information (last updated March 2021)

Wellesley is delighted to provide bus transport options to boys in association with in Mana Coaches. While travelling to and from school, our boys are monitored using the RollCall system giving parents/caregivers visibility to see real time information on where their son(s) are. We will always update parents of any new bus routes and schedules as these arise.

Bus 1 Karori Northland – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 2 Karori Kelburn – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 3 Khandallah Churton Park Petone – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 4 Wadestown – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 5 Upper Hutt – AM bus / PM bus
Bus 6 Lower Hutt – AM bus / PM bus