#pa-news: A Lovely Farewell to Katy, Chair of the PA

01 May 2019

The month of May has started with a sad farewell, as Katy Lethbridge, long-time contributor to the School, stood down last month as Chair of the Parents’ Association (PA).

Katy and husband Guy had three boys attend Wellesley: George (2012-2014), Hugo (2012-2016) and Eddie (2014-2018). Katy has been a part of the Wellesley community for 7 years and has always been a willing parent helper.  She has been a vibrant and dynamic familiar face at Wellesley who has given a huge amount of her time during ARTBOURNE exhibitions over the years.  She has also been very supportive at sports fixtures, Galas and of the Parents’ Association, taking on the position of Chair in 2018.

Katy says:

“Joining the Parents Association is a great way to get involved at Wellesley and to feel part of the school community.  You get to meet other parents who share your enthusiasm for contributing to the school and you know that you are helping to make the school an even better place for your boys.  I strongly encourage parents to involved at committee level, as a class representative or as a parent helper at the events organised by the PA.”

Cilla Bennet has taken over as PA Chair and Frances Crombie is her Deputy.  Details on how to join the PA can be found here . Meeting Minutes are also available to parents and weekly reminders of PA events and meetings will be sent out in the school newsletter.