Wellesley Parent’s Association

Families are the very heart of our school. The Wellesley Parents’ Association (WPA) is a group of Wellesley parents who foster that sense of community and help families to engage with and support school events, building lasting relationships with each other and staff, ensuring that the school always feels like a ‘big little family’.

The WPA works with the School and Foundation to support their initiatives and events.  For example, coordinating wonderful parent volunteers for special events like Grandparents’ Day, Athletics Days BBQs and ARTBOURNE, and helping run events like the school Sunday Funday.

Each year we have a great team of class representatives who organise class or year-group events which are designed to encourage engagement within the Wellesley parent community.

Join us!

Joining the  Wellesley Parent’s Association is a great way for parents to get involved,  to contribute meaningfully to the school community,  and to discover the best of what Wellesley has to offer.

We encourage parents and whānau to consider joining the WPA or to come along to a meeting and see what we’re about.

The meetings are held in the Wellesley staffroom and run from 7.30pm until 8.50pm.  These are attended by the Acting Principal, Veronica Stevens or by one of his senior staff members along with staff representative (& current parent) Rosie Torbit. All parents are welcome to just turn up.

Current WPA 

Cilla Bennett – Chair (Year 8), Frances Crombie – Co Deputy Chair (Year 8), Rebecca Fitzpatrick – Co-Deputy Chair (Year 1 & 3) , Anna Sims – Co-Secretary (Year 8), Anna Vrede – Co-Secretary (Year 8), Robert Pritchard – Treasurer (Year 3), Paul Fryer  – Deputy Treasurer (Year  2), Rachael Wilson (Year 8), Kate Oppenhuis (Year 8), Kati Schroderus (Year 8), Bridget Hargreaves (Year 8), Chloe Bridgeman (former parent), Phillipa Bossley (Year 8),  Janelle Harland (Year 8), Nicola Maurd-Mackenzie (Year 7 & 3), Melanie Taylor (Year 7), Greta Ardern (Year 6), Bridgette Smithson (Year 5), Sarah-Jane Hays (Year 5),  Rebecca Clancy (Year 4),  Emma Worthington (Year 3 & 4), Melanie Main (Year 3), Ding Wang (Year 1), Nicole Noldus (Year 1), Rosie Torbit – Staff Representative and (Year 6).

If you would like any further information, please contact Cilla Bennett at cillab1975@gmail.com

WPA Minutes

WPA meeting dates for 2021

Tuesday 9 February

AGM & Committee Meeting – to be held March 2021