Choir Camp 2020

07 August 2020
Tommy Brow and Jack Park reporting on choir camp 2020

Wellesley choir camp 2020 started with a blast, our timetable was packed full of singing and games, there was going to be nothing that could stop us (until it’s time to sleep! and even then…). 

We left school and arrived at Silverstream Retreat, where dropped our bags and immediately started singing. The choir captains (Jack, Tommy, Fergus and Vincent) organized games and fun activities for the other choir boys to do. The low part departed to play some games while the high part rehearsed, then we swapped and practiced together. Our choir master Carolyn Currington did an amazing job organizing and going out of her way to ensure the boys had a great time. 

After working tirelessly on our singing learning 4 new songs, we were starving and needed something to eatSo, we stormed the kitchen and prepared our tummies for a feast! Dinner was a treat, we had butter chicken and it was delicious, boys even went back for thirds.  Even after three helpings when we thought we were full, some of us were still hungry, and luckily for us there was a lovely desert of sponge cake and ice cream. Finally, tummies full we were ready for a great night sleep. 

The next day, unfortunately, at 5:30 in the morning we all woke up to boys talking in their rooms. The set time we were going to wake up was at 7:30, but as if that was going to happen when three quarters of the choir was already awakeSo, we ended up waking up at 6:10 to get ready for the talent quest “Wellesley’s got talent”. 

The Talent Quest was amazing with most boys participating, there was a wide range of acts including back-flips, singing, magic, instruments, and there was even some group Performance’s. After a hard-decision-making by the judges, there was a top three 

 In 3rd was a group performance by Patrick’s sleeping bag dancing group! 

While 2nd place was awarded to Caleb Mallet with his Mongolian throat singing! 

And in 1st was Rory Marsden with his amazing back-flips!!  

After we finished off and cleaned up, we got back in the routine of singing but sooner or later it was lunch time. Again, it was an amazing meal with burgers and fries on the menu, after everyone had finished, we decidedsince we are a choir, to thank the chefs by singing! We sang “Best Day of our Lives, after that we headed back to the hall to get back into more singing. We had another good session of singing and we ended up learning 3 new songs!  

Soon after that all our parents started to line up outside for our concert this is where we showed off all our hard work, and it payed off, because all the parents left the building smiling! 

The whole choir would like to give a huge thank you to the mums that stayed and put up with us, Anne Fam for keeping all the boys in place and Mrs Meo for coming in on the second day to make things lots easier for everyone, and we can’t thank Mrs Currington enough for putting so much effort in teaching all the boys to sing and organizing almost everything, and hopefully her voice has returned to normal after a week!! We had a great time singing and playing, and hopefully the 2021 choir can have as much fun as we did!