WMT Cultural Correspondents’ review: Epuni and Wellesley Kapa Haka Performace

08 July 2019

Wellesley Media Team Cultural correspondent  Zach Webb reporting. Image by Phil Benge (more images)

Last week on the 21st of June, the Wellesley school assembly was a little different from usual. The school hall was filled with the amazing sounds of kapa haka. Our assembly was joined by Epuni School’s kapa haka group, which performed several pieces which were impressive. They also performed a piece which involved poi.  All the students from their school looked very involved in their songs.

We exchanged performances from our kapa haka groups, meaning Wellesley performed as well.   Wellesley performed our school haka, which some of the students remembered from last year. Mr. Hainsworth was our guitarist, who was very involved in helping with the kapa haka. The Wellesley boys learned their song in our Kete Aronui sessions, which some of the boys take part in. Only a select few of Wellesley performed in the kapa haka exchange though, because the other boys take part in other activities.

Wellesley’s kapa haka performance in action

I noticed the dedication of all the members of both schools. Both schools worked very hard to learn the pieces we performed in our school hall.

This was overall a great time for everyone to enjoy.


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