WMT Cultural Correspondent: Wellesley boys enjoy QMC Choir Exchange

08 July 2019
Cultural correspondent Malachy H reports on the choir exchange in his capacity as Choir leader. Photos by Phil Benge (more images)

On the 29th of June The Bay Boys and the QMC Choir had an exchange at Wellesley. I myself, as one of the choir captains, really enjoyed this experience. It was so cool to sing, socialise and hang out with all of the girls from QMC.

When the QMC girls first arrived, I have to say, I was kind of nervous, but after I met some of the girls I knew that this day would be amazing. When we first started singing together it was really wonderful. All of us coming together to make such an amazing sound. I now know why we have these exchanges. When our schools sing together we sound amazing (in my opinion). I think that this event helped all of the people from both choirs improve.

One reason that I think these exchanges are important is to sing, but also socialise. It was so good to see all of the boys (including me) socialising with all of the other girls. I think that it is very important that from a young age boys and girls start to socialise. It is so good that our two schools can get together for events like this and it’s great to see how we can all have such a great time.

I would like to say thank you  to Mrs Currington and Mrs Hardie for setting up this event. If it was not for them this event could not have happened.

Overall, I really loved this event. This was a very good learning experience and we were able to take a risk and get out of our comfort zone. Thanks again to everyone who helped set up this amazing day. I hope to see QMC and their choir again soon for another exchange.


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