Wellesley Service: Pyjama Day’s huge support for Foster Hope

18 June 2019

*UPDATE:  We were absolutely blown away by the support of staff, boys and our parent community, getting behind Pyjama Day for Foster Hope.
This year we have counted 154 pairs of pyjamas, a few toiletries and a massive $1354.30!!!!  This money will be used to purchase some more pyjamas and some toiletries.  Thank you so much to everyone involved.

As part of our service to others, the Junior Syndicate would like to support Foster Hope again this year by participating in their pyjama drive.  Many children who are put into temporary foster care, often leave their homes in a rush and unexpectedly.  So, you can imagine how having a brand-new pair of unopened pyjamas can help make them feel a little more special.  Many of these children may never have had a new pair of pyjamas before, and this can provide them with some comfort at a stressful time. 

Please help these children have “Sweet Dreams” by sending in a new pair of pyjamas or bring along a donation.  Every $10 donated will allow us to buy another pair of pyjamas.   Pyjamas can be brought to school any time between now and Friday 14th June. 

All boys who bring in a pair of pyjamas, or a donation can take part in pyjama day on Friday 14th June, Week 7. 

Last year was a huge success, we had 170 pairs of pyjamas donated and $500, which we purchased more pyjamas with.

Thank you for supporting this very worthy cause.