Wellesley Insights Evening – Our Kids Online

30 October 2020
Rob Cope and Zareen Sheikh-Cope’s OUR KIDS ONLINE evenings are 90 minute interactive information sessions, designed to help any adults with children in their lives gain a better understanding of some of the potential dangers children face in the online world.  They also offer advice and resources to be able to confidently approach these topics with your children at different ages, and practical solutions on how to make their online experiences safer.

During their evening at Wellesley on Thursday 29th October, the following topics were covered and discussed;

  • How easy it is for children to access porn and to be found by predators
  • How porn has changed in terms of the online impact as well as the increase in violent content
  • The curious nature of children and the impact of adult narratives
  • Potential impacts on both children and their families resulting from exposure
  • Why knowledge is key
  • How to approach talking to children about sex at different ages, as a precursor to entering into porn awareness and predator safety conversations
  • The importance of a porn counter-narrative; love, connection, consent, respect
  • Advice on dealing with an exposure situation for different age groups
  • Guide to resources; and
  • Q&A session

The session included clips from Rob and Zareen’s documentary ‘Our Kids Online: Porn, Predators & How to Keep Them Safe’ (released in April 2020) as well as resources for parents to look at/through.

If you would like further information and links discussed on the night, a fact sheet can be accessed below;

Online Safety Information Follow Up