#reconnection: Special memories of Wellesley from the 1940s

15 April 2019

Wellesley recently heard from Old Boy Barrie Carruthers who owns Precision Microcircuits Limited in New Plymouth. Barrie attended Wellesley between 1941 and 1946 and in May, he celebrates his 87th birthday.   

Precision Microcircuits Limited is New Zealand’s only manufacturer of Thick Film Microcircuits and the company currently makes components for the healthcare industry, airport scanner hybrids and a power controller component used in kitchen stoves all over the world.   

Two of Barrie’s sons are now running the operation and recorded this promotional video featuring Barrie.   Its well worth the watch and really showcases authentic Kiwi ingenuity in the provinces of New Zealand. 

 We received the following email from Barrie: There is little doubt that the early years education and experiences that I obtained at Wellesley set me up for the adventure of learning and a deeper appreciation of the physical world around me.  I have had a good innings reaching 87 and have had the satisfaction of achieving many of the goals I had set myself and wow what a ride it has been! I have every confidence also that Wellesley will continue to go from strength to strength, and may I wish the tutoring staff the satisfaction of seeing some of their current students going on to make their mark on the world stage also.”  Insightful wisdom from a life well and truly being lived.   

 The Wellesley library also holds a copy of Barrie’s book ‘Embrace the Challenge’.  A great read, full of Barrie’s entertaining wit about the Kiwi can-do attitude, plus memories of his early days at Wellesley.  

We love hearing from our old boys, like Barrie, and welcome them to visit their old stomping ground, along with family and friends, at anytime.