Level 3 Lockdown – Principal’s House Challenge

06 May 2020

Wellesley Principal, Brendan Pitman set the boys a House Cup Challenge to be undertaken during Level 3 lockdown –  “Discover your Best from Home Cup”

With only one week down, there has already been an overwhelming amount of entries, showing that boys and their families are doing some absolutely amazing things and sometimes, event he most simple of things have brought the biggest smiles and proudest moments.

Teddy (below) is incredibly passionate about cricket. He was coming up off his long run up, a little bit faster than he should have, trying to get a bit more pace, but slipped. Do you think this stopped him? Oh no. He dusted himself off, and kept on bowling…. PERSEVERANCE

More entries can be viewed via Wellesley’s facebook page

Boys have been asked to take a photo or video of;

  1. Anything showing how great it is learning at home
  2. Anyone in their family, showing one of the values of the school;   Persevering for Personal Best
     Respect and Empathy or
     Risk Taking in Learning Demonstration of the
  3. Theme for Chapel that week being demonstrated

Entries are awarded points from 100 all the way down to 10.   Whichever house has the most points at the end of Lock Down Level 3, Mr Pitman is going to shout the whole House a Pizza Lunch.

To view Mr Pitman’s video click here.