Create for a Cause – Residency | Art Week | Exhibition 2021

08 July 2021

We are delighted to announce that multi-talented artist William (Billy) Carden-Horton will be our 2021 Artist in Residence. The Gibraltar-born artist starts his programme week one, term three and will be based in the visual arts room with Glen Jorna. Billy is an inspired artist and photographer with infectious energy and enthusiasm. Some of you may recognise his iconic art collaborations with the Icebreaker brand.

The 2021 Artist in Residence programme is funded by the Foundation and raises funds for Wellesley’s scholarships. This invigorating initiative links in with ARTBOURNE (a popular biennial art exhibition, last held Oct 2020), of contemporary artworks, jewellery & sculpture from local and emerging artists.

It will be exciting to see Billy’s new works unfold and exhibited for sale at the school at the Residency & Student Art Exhibition on Tuesday 28th September at 7pm.

The key dates for the Term 3 ‘Create for a Cause’ art programme are:

  • The Artist Residency – Term 3, Weeks 1, 3, 4 (Mon 2nd – Fri 6th Aug, then Mon 16th – Fri 27th Aug)
  • Student ART WEEK – Term 3, Week 8 (Mon 20th – Wed 22nd Sept) – ‘Journeys & Pathways’
  • Residency & Student Art Exhibition – Term 3, Week 9 (Tues 28th Sept, 7pm), Wellesley Centennial Hall

As part of his residency, Billy will also be helping boys during the Student ART WEEK. All funds raised from the sale of students’ artwork will support the Mental Health Foundation under Wellesley’s community service initiative ‘Create for a Cause.’