Applying for a Scholarship

We are delighted that you are considering Wellesley for your son’s education.  Our Staff are passionate about the development of each student. Wellesley has a special character which includes its teaching and learning philosophy, engaging boys, providing learning opportunities and wrapping the curriculum around their passions.

We strive to equip boys with confidence, develop resilience and teach them to think critically about their learning. Our point of difference is in our personalisation and warm, welcoming culture. Our boys feel like they belong to a special place and are part of the Wellesley family. We encourage them to live by the Wellesley Values: To take risks, to persevere under challenging circumstances and to demonstrate respect and empathy in all their interactions.

All Wellesley Scholarships are based on the philosophy that the awardee would not normally be able to access the school due to the circumstances they face. This means that awardees may not have the financial ability to fund the fees from any family member or donor who would offer to pay for their attendance at the school.

Scholarships are only open to NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents and are valid for a two year period.

After receiving your application, we will acknowledge via a letter.  After the closing date, you will be advised as to whether or not your son has been chosen for an interview.


Download the Wellesley Scholarship Application Form