Zone Sports

Wellesley is a member of the Lower Hutt Primary Schools Sports Association (LHPSSA), which belongs in the South East Zone.

As part of that Zone, boys who qualify from our school swimming sports, athletics day and cross country are invited to the South East Zone events to compete against athletes from other South East Zone schools. Boys who then qualify from this Zone event move into an inter-zone event to represent the South East Zone. If boys qualify from the inter-zone event, they then go on to represent Lower Hutt in the Wellington Regional Competition event.

Cross Country

The Cross Country Zone event takes place in Term 2 for boys in years 4-6.


Swimming sports will take place in Term 3 for all boys , although we will run our school swimming event in Term 1.


Athletics Zone events take place in Term 1 for Years 4-6.


Occasionally, the LHPSSA will run other sporting events which  we endeavour to participate in where appropriate.