Visual Art

Visual Art is an integral part of the Arts programme on offer at Wellesley. When each boy walks through the art room door, he is encouraged to explore and discover his creativity by taking risks, trying new things and working through his mistakes.

We remind our boys that to live a creative life, they must lose the fear of being wrong. We aim to instil in them the idea that they are all artists and that each of them is innately creative – art classes are all about tapping into that creativity and expressing their unique ideas and their unique selves.

All our boys enjoy the opportunity to learn new techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, digital art, photography and printmaking.

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Our boys use their hands, their bodies and their brains, to create something worthwhile and meaningful to them, as well as something new to be enjoyed by those of us that want to escape for a while – creating something beautiful that will one day be seen in an exhibition, or up on a wall, or heard in a concert, or watched on a stage.

Glen Jorna- Head of Arts at Wellesley College.

Gallery Visits

Gallery visits and photography trips take place on a regular basis and are an important part of the programme, as well as studying past and present artists

Art Exhibitions

Student work is also displayed in art exhibitions, including our bi-annual ARTBOURNE exhibition, as well as in various locations around the school.