Year 7 Boys Visit Murchison Museum

13 April 2021

On Monday 12th we had the pleasure of a visit from Wellesley College in Wellington. For the past 13 years they have made an annual visit to the West Coast with their Yr 7 pupils, but have not stopped in Murchison. This year they did.

At 9.45am we welcomed the 1st group of 45 pupils, parent helps and teachers. They wanted to know about the history of Murchison and also the 1929 Earthquake and the forming of the Maruia Falls, which they hoped to have time to visit before proceeding on to Westport.

Among this group was a pupil who had done a project on the Earthquake, doing his research on the internet, so was very interested in our collection. One of the parents was Laura Clarke , the UK Ambassador, who expressed her pleasure that the School and the Museum were flying flags at half mast in honour of the late Duke of Edinburgh.

The group were a joy to entertain. They then proceeded to go down to ride with Mark on the Jet Boat, and to walk alongside the fault line from the Earthquake.

The afternoon group (another 45) had been on the Jet Boat with Mark. They loved the experience and his stories. They remembered the Fault line and were in awe of the  story of the Quake.

We hope the College continue to include Murchison in their itinerary for future trips.

This made for a very busy and rewarding day for our team.

Judith Peacock
President –  Murchison Museum