WMT Correspondent: Citizenship Term 2, 2019

02 August 2019
Wellesley Media Team Correspondent Tyler reporting.

On a cold and drizzly Tuesday morning, after the Term 2 Citizenship winners had had their photograph taken by Phil Benge, Wellesley Media Team journalist Tyler managed to catch some boys for a quick interview. 

First from the senior syndicate Tyler spoke to Theo from 7/8B 

Tyler: What do you think you did to deserve citizenship? 

Theo: I showed my classmates empathy and respect and I like to help lots of people out. Thats why I think I got citizenship.  

Tyler: Have you had citizenship before? 

Theo: Yes, I have had it before, but it was a few years ago. 

Tyler: Does it mean a lot to you to have citizenship? 

Theo: Itreally nice that my classmates recognize that I am showing the values of the school and helping out when I can. 

Then Joe from 5F from the middle syndicate still smiling after his second Citizenship photo in as many years.  

Tyler: What does getting citizenship mean to you? 

Joe: It means that you are a good citizen and that you show others what the school and its values are about.  

Tyler: I see you have a citizenship badge already, when did you get it and how does it make you feel? 

Joe: I got citizenship before when I was in Year 4it was nice that classmates can see that I try hard.  Being able to wear a citizenship badge on my blazer makes me happy.

Finally, Tyler managed to catch Arthur in Year 1. 

Tyler: How do you feel about getting citizenship 

Arthur: It makes me so happy and so excited, and I got to go to the Pav after school as a treat. Having the photo today was a little bit scary, but I pulled my socks up and I did a nice big smile.  

At Wellesley, citizenship has been awarded for a number of years to boys who have displayed the school values. It is a wonderful tradition in which the boys acknowledge their peers for embodying the values. Each term classes throughout the school vote for two boys to receive citizenship, the reward is a mufti day and a shiny gold bar to wear on their ribbon.

Tyler, a previous recipient, adds that its great to know that your friends acknowledge hard work and when they see other boys in their class trying. It’s nice that working hard and trying can pay off. I feel quite proud when I get to wear mufti as a reward for being voted to receive citizenship for my class. But just knowing that you have been acknowledged by peers is really cool. 

Congratulations to all the boys, and such wonderful smiles and tidy uniforms in the picture. Thank you for role modelling our school values. 


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