Sunday Funday Picnic: Celebrating the Wellesley community

20 March 2020

Any day is a good day for a picnic but Sunday 15th March was an absolute beauty! Many of our Wellesley community joined the Funday Sunday which was organised by the wonderful Parents Association in conjunction with the School.

As our first whole school event for the year, it was a great opportunity for new families to feel part of the special fabric of Wellesley and for all our community to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, whilst the kids enjoyed the waterslide, sausage sizzle, soccer, cricket and games on the grounds.

Thank you to all our wonderful parent helpers who made the picnic such a success. It was a lovely way to celebrate our school, and our families, whilst spending a late summer afternoon at the bay.

More photographs from the day can be found here.