#artbourne2019: Artist in Residence arrives 5th of August

14 June 2019

We are delighted to announce that multi-talented artist and former ARTBOURNE exhibitor Natchez Hudson will be the 2019 Artist in Residence. The key dates for the ARTBOURNE 2019 Artist in Residence programme are:

  • ARTBOURNE 2019 Artist in Residence (Natchez Hudson) – Term 3,  (Mon 5th – Fri 23rd August).
  • ‘Create for a Cause’ Student ART WEEK  – Term 3 (Wed 11th -Fri 13th Sept).
  • ARTBOURNE  Residency  Studio Workshop with Natchez Hudson – Sun 15th Sept, 10am – 4pm, Wellesley Artroom
  • ARTBOURNE Residency and Student Art Exhibition – Term 3 (Tues 24th September, 7pm), Wellesley Centennial Hall


ARTBOURNE and the Artist in Residence Programme supports scholarships.  The Wellesley College Foundation is committed to providing access to young men who would not otherwise have access to a Wellesley education. We are grateful that the resident artist donates 30% of the sale proceeds of their ARTBOURNE Residency and Student Art Exhibition sales to this scholarship programme.  Further, all funds raised from the sale of students’ artwork will support the Mental Health Foundation under Wellesley’s community service initiative ‘Create for a Cause’

For more information on the scholarship programme or to donate please go to Promising Futures for Boys

If you have any questions about the ARTBOURNE 2019 Artist in Residence programme, please contact either Rosie ( or Glen (