Parents' Association

Wellesley Parents Association

 Join us today ……… Wellesley needs you!

Our friendly Parents Association invites you to come and be part of the committee. We are a group of parents with boys currently at the Wellesley covering years 1-8, with a mixture of both working and non-working Mums and Dads. We also have parents of Old Boys with a passion for staying involved with Wellesley and being part of our Parents Association.  We love seeing new faces and would welcome more members than we currently have - the more we are able to achieve ultimately enables us to enhance Wellesley not just for our boys but also for future generations.

The Association’s job is to foster community spirit among parents and undertake fundraising activities for the benefit of all the boys. We do this by catering at many functions throughout the school year, running events and meeting 2-3 times each term to understand how we can further support Wellesley – always a great way to bring the school community together.

As an example, some of our events include the Wellesley Gala, Parent Education Evenings with a Guest Speaker, quiz nights, movie nights and Entertainment Books – to name a few.   In recent years, the Parents Association have donated funds for the purchase of the School Piano, Artworks, Choir Risers, Sporting Equipment, and so much more.  Our focus for 2018 is on raising funds towards a new playground – something that all of the boys will get enormous enjoyment from.

Being on the PA is a great way to feel involved in the school and find out a bit more about what goes on.  This is in addition to what you may learn from your boy or via the school communication channels. It is also a forum for you to give feedback to staff and have a say on proposed changes.

We usually meet monthly in the College Staffroom on a Monday at 7.30pm for about an hour.  Meetings are also attended by Principal, Brendan Pitman, or one of his senior staff members and, on occasions, a Trustee of the Board who each give their updates.

2018 Committee

Jo Healey  - Chairperson
Darrin Mitchell - Secretary 
Michelle Newington - Deputy Secretary
Rochelle Parks  - Treasurer 
Louise Croxford - Deputy Treasurer
Katy Lethbridge
Alan Blundell
Darrin Mitchell
Chloe Bridgeman 

The following are the dates for the PA meetings for the 2018 year.   Start time will be 7pm for each meeting and will be held at Wellesley.

-          Monday, 12 February

-          Monday, 26 March (AGM)

-          Monday, 7 May

-          Monday, 11 June

-          Monday, 6 August

-          Monday, 10 September

-          Monday, 15 October

-          Monday, 12 November

-          PA Xmas Event – to be confirmed