Our Staff

Wellesley is blessed with a team of dedicated and professional educators and support staff, led by Principal Brendan Pitman.

Staff can be contacted at any time by email ([firstname]@wellesley.school.nz) or by leaving a phone message, although you may have to wait for a response dependent upon the demands of the school day. Urgent messages should be left with our School Administrator, Anne Irwin, in the school office.

Senior Leadership Team
Brendan Pitman - Principal
Steve Girvan - Deputy Principal - Pastoral Care
Veronica Stevens - Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning
Robert Cross- Business Manager
Andrew Tait - Year 7/8 Teacher and Head of Senior Syndicate (Years 7 & 8)
Chevon O'Leary - Year 6 Teacher and Head of Middle Syndicate (Years 5 & 6)
Gavin Hughes - Year 4 Teacher and Head of Junior Syndicate (Years 1-4)
Libby Bloomfield - Anglican Church Representative

Key Contacts

Karen Reid - Principal's E.A. and Enrolment Registrar
Anne Irwin - Administration and Facility Hire
Colleen De Boer - Accounts Manager
Margie Beattie - Development Office Manager
Rosie Torbit - Development Office Assistant
Rachel Seymour - Catering Manager
Teresa Davidson - Catering Assistant

Junior Syndicate Teachers

Year 1 - Natasha Corrales and Deirdre van Beynen
Year 2 - Michelle Colley
Year 3 – Gretchen Elliott

Middle Syndicate Teachers

Year 4 – Gavin Hughes and Nicole Cooper
Year 5 – Bryn Rees, Liza Fitzsimmons
Year 6 – Tony Orbell, Chevon O'Leary and Miriam Quarterman

Senior Syndicate Teachers

Year 7 – Michelle Norton and Georgie Goulding
Year 7/8 – Andrew Tait and Murray Blandford
Year 8 – Kent Hainsworth and Anand Ranchod

Specialist Teaching Staff

Jo Hawthorne – STEM
Jeremy Field - Sport and PE
Glen Jorna – Head of Arts and Art Teacher
Mary-Anne Morgan – Head of Learning Support/Itinerant Music Teachers
Carolyn Currington – Performing Arts
Anne Familton - Specialist Reading /Literacy Teacher
Jane Kent - Librarian

Teacher Support

Kate Cole
Judy Leggett
Janice Meo

Support Staff

Groundsman - Clinton Agar
Gap Student - Sashja