Thank you for your Wellesley Value Bursaries enquiry.

At Wellesley, your son will be surrounded by boys who want to learn, and teachers who want to teach. We don’t have big open-plan classrooms with tons of kids and multiple teachers because we believe that boys feel lost and can become invisible. Our promise to you is that your boy will be seen and challenged.

We’re a boys-only school, so our school programme is designed to make it easy for your son to engage with the other boys in his class, and his teachers. In this environment he is respected for his strengths as well as his areas of need. We are confident your son with thrive and achieve his full potential.

Our office will be in contact with you shortly: receipt of your application will be acknowledged via letter.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Karen Reid, on +64 4 562 8030, ext.802 or via email,