Wellesley provides the platform from which to launch your son’s life.

At Wellesley, our goal is to inspire boys to be the best they can be. Wellesley promotes intellectual curiosity and creativity, giving children the confidence to step up and out of their comfort zone. Our school is blessed with a stunning environment and a proud history, but our future lies in our ability to embrace the new – by encouraging fresh thinking, supporting the individual and being open to the ideas and opportunities that lie ahead.

A unique environment.

Wellesley's unique characteristics make it one of the best educational environments in the world. The splendour of our natural surrounds, our gracious buildings, modern facilities and proud heritage are partnered with the best education practice and staffing. From extending the limits of their physical world to expanding the horizons of boys' thinking and creativity, Wellesley offers boundless potential for learning and living.

Intellectual curiosity...

Wellesley's curriculum is designed to take your son to new and exciting places. Our focus extends far beyond literacy and numeracy skills to promoting creativity and building the ability to think independently.
We employ the latest, proven strategies for inspiring our students to explore possibilities, to question ideas, to reflect on findings, and to resolve problems. Our highly experienced teachers support each student on their individual journey of discovery.

Higher, faster, stronger.

Wellesley offers the ultimate "boy's own adventure" in life and learning. We recognise the role sport and outdoor pursuits play in channelling energy, developing confidence and skills, and providing a competitive focus.
There's no better place to do that than here, in Wellesley's "great outdoors" and its facilities. Beyond our sports grounds, Williams Park and Days Bay Beach offer a natural world of possibilities where the sky (and the sea)'s the limit.


Wellesley celebrates the value of creativity in thinking and learning, and in expressing boys' ideas and experiences. Evidence of our students' achievements can be seen throughout the school. Our teachers ensure students have every opportunity to explore their talents and extend their gifts, both within the classroom and in the wider arts world.

Diversity, support, respect.

Wellesley's culture is built on a strong code of conduct and Christian values. We teach basic rules of caring, respect, humility and tolerance, and learn about and celebrate the beliefs of all cultures and creeds.
Boys of diverse backgrounds and cultures from all over the world learn from each other and grow in understanding as they study together at Wellesley.

A long history of success.

Wellesley school started life as an educational institution almost 100 years ago. We're still building on our history, drawing strength from past achievements, at the same time as we're taking up fresh opportunities to move forward.
Many fine and illustrious students have gone on from Wellesley to make a significant contribution on the national and world stages. Wellesley aims to equip all of its boys with the skills to be in control of their destiny and to become active and positive members of their local and global communities.