School Closures – Update

23 March 2020
You will all have heard the announcement from the Prime Minister at 1:30pm which outlines the immediate implementation of a Level 3 Alert followed by a Level 4 Alert in 48 hours.

As from tomorrow, schools will only be available to children of parents who work in essential services, all other children must stay home.  Schools will be closed to all children from midnight Wednesday.  If you work in essential services and intend to send your boys to school tomorrow and/or Wednesday, please advise the school office so we can staff accordingly –   Further communication will be sent out later today.

Rest assured that Wellesley wants to take care of our community first. I am so pleased that the country and many parents have taken this so seriously. It is the right decision.

Safety and good hygiene practices are paramount. Taking care of those most affected is essential.

We are ready to implement the required action and keep the boys’ learning tracking forward.

A committee will meet this afternoon at 4:15pm, which will include the Board Chair and Deputy, some Board members and parts of the school’s SLT to discuss our implementation strategy. This will include a period of transition, getting packs to families via an assortment of means, looking at when the holidays should occur and implementation of the online learning platform.

Everybody will need a few days to set themselves up for this lock down and get family affairs in order. To that end, boys can still access digital learning through online means and continue with basic literacy and mathematics. However, we should plan for teaching online to occur after a few days.

Stay safe and we will get through this together.

Warm regards