Remembering Wellesley in your will


Since 1914, thousands of boys have attended Wellesley, with the school leaving an indelible and positive mark not only on their lives, but on Wellington and beyond. The school has produced many civic and business leaders, but more importantly, it has produced citizens willing to be of service to the community and able to contribute to the intellectual, creative and sporting life of New Zealand.

To help protect the future of this unique school going into its second century, it is our hope to encourage the wider Wellesley community to consider gifting a bequest in their wills to the Wellesley College Foundation.

You may not always be able to make a financial gift during your lifetime, despite a connection strongly felt, coupled with a desire to support. A bequest is a provision made in your will for either a stated legacy of a particular amount of money or asset, or a residuary gift for a percentage of your estate once all the legacies and debts are satisfied.

Bequests are lifeline gifts to any organisation, as they give assurance that there will be funds in the future to fulfil its mission. Former longstanding and well-loved teacher, Roger Mexted made a significant bequest in his will, culminating in The Mexted scholarship, which commenced in 2015. Moreover, another significant notified bequest made in 2011 converted into a pledge during the donor’s lifetime and is encapsulated in THE TIM JAMIESON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, which commenced in 2017. Both these gifts provide a significant platform for the provision of future financial scholarships.



Tim Jamieson1.jpg 

Roger Mexted

    Tim Jamieson


Wellesley would be delighted if you, like others, were to consider helping protect its future, and the many more boys it will educate, with a bequest.

Simple wording is all that is required in your will or codicil for a bequest -

“I give and bequeath to Wellesley College Foundation the sum of $ [      ]

[or property, assets or a percentage of my estate as described] for the general purposes of

Wellesley College [or for a specific stated purpose] and I declare the official receipt of

an authorized signatory shall be a good discharge to my Trustees.”

Please consult us if you are considering a bequest for a specific purpose such as a scholarship.

There is no requirement to advise us if you do decide to gift by bequest to Wellesley, but we would be delighted to be informed and to thank you for your support.

If you would like further information on remembering Wellesley in your will and an in confidence discussion, please fill out the form below and submit and we will be in touch.


In memoriam donations

If you would like to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away and who has a connection with Wellesley, you are welcome to make an ‘in memoriam’ donation to Wellesley by making a contribution online  or contacting us at foundation (at) or (04) 576 2274 for more information.