Promising Futures



Wellesley’s centenary in 2014 created a celebratory platform to harness community support to help secure the school’s future and increase opportunities for boys through scholarships.  So Promising Futures for Boys was launched.

The gift of education is a truly transformational legacy which we know has changed the lives of many former scholars and their families and enhanced their futures.  Hear what they have to say in Part 2 of our scholarship series:


Our vision is to develop an Endowment Fund large enough to support (in addition to the current scholarships above), four annual scholarship children at the school, which we estimate requires funding of $1.75 million. On a modest annual interest rate return, each full scholarship requires a capital sum of $432,000 to fund $17,000 worth of full school fees per annum. This goal can only be achieved with substantial support from our Friends of Wellesley. To date with the support from two significant pledges, many annual donations and several pledges over time, we have raised an astonishing sum of $1.45 million. THANK YOU  for your generosity and support. You have made a difference. 

You can support the Promising Futures scholarship campaign in ways that you can manage and in ways that make a difference.

You can pledge and gift money in full or over time.  You can join with 99 others and be part of BRICK100 the Centenary brick scholarship campaign.

Or you can donate an affordable sum now to Wellesley Foundation and collectively with others' gifts, assist a scholar or several scholars.