Policy and Enrollment

Conditions of Acceptance

International Students enrolling at Wellesley must:

  • Be placed in a home stay approved by the school unless living with a parent.
  • Have parents sign the Tuition Agreement and application forms.
  • Prove that they have adequate medical and personal loss insurance throughout their stay in New Zealand.
  • Inform Wellesley College of any sickness, behavioural, disability or special education needs before
  • Include two of the most recent school reports and examination results. These reports must be translated into English (official transcripts only will be accepted). Wellesley College will also request a comprehensive reference from a past School Principal or Head teacher with each application.
  • Immunisation Certificate
  • Have parent’s written consent to study at Wellesley College.
  • Meet the conditions of New Zealand Immigration Service.
  • Accept the direction of the professional staff of Wellesley College in level placement.

Important Immigration information:

To grant a student visa, Immigration New Zealand will need to see the full letter of acceptance and the receipt of fees. No student may begin his tuition without the required visa and insurance . Full details of visa and permit requirements, advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, and reporting requirements are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service, and can be viewed on their website.

Application Requirements

All documents can be emailed to international@wellesley.school.nz:

  • Application form completed and signed by the parents
  • Confidential Report form from the last school attended by the student submitted direct to the International Department.
  • Copies of the last 2 school reports
  • Copy of the passport page with the student’s photograph and details
  • The application fee is NZ$500
  • An interview will be arranged either at the school, through Skype, We Chat or by telephone
  • If accepted a Conditional Offer of Place will be issued
  • Invoice will be sent for tuition and homestay if applicable with details for payment. Fees must be paid in advance – a requirement for the visa
  • Payment received, Receipt issued and Offer of Place updated with Receipt Number and payment details
  • Medical and Health Insurance is compulsory in New Zealand and has to be acceptable according to the Code of Practice for International Students. This can be purchased through the school if necessary
  • Immunisation Certificate submitted
  • Medical forms submitted
  • Cyber Safety form submitted

Application Information

1. Enrollment Eligibility and Procedure

Wellesley College is able to offer placements for a number of international students. Each enrollment application will be considered on an individual basis, taking into account the school’s existing student demand, class sizes and available resources.

2. Conditions of Study Wellesley College

  • Students are required to attend all classes and be on time. Completion of all work including homework is mandatory.
  • Wellesley College guarantees the accommodation and students must stay in an approved home stay under the school’s home stay programme for the length of their visa/permit. All students attending Wellesley College are not permitted to be in a flatting/hostel situation.  They must have adult supervision at all times.
  • If students return to their home country during the school holidays, they may not take extra time away from school unless authorised by the school Principal. Requests must be made in writing by parents. Students must not return to their home country before the end of the school year, having completed all course work and taken the appropriate examinations.
  • Student visa/permit will be issued for Wellesley College. Students may not transfer to another school until that visa/permit expires or it has been reissued to another school through an official transfer process involving NZ Immigration.
  • If there is an adult designated as your parent’s representative in New Zealand this person must keep that role until the expiry date of your visa/permit.
  • Parents must sign all the required documentation which proves that they understand and accept the conditions of enrolment at Wellesley College.
  • Wellesley College must be informed immediately of all changes of detail. This includes such things as the student’s or parent’s change of address, telephone numbers email or other changes.

3. Refund Conditions

Please refer to the Application Forms for this information.

4. Homestay Information

  • All International Students at Wellesley College must reside in a Wellesley College approved and supervised home stay.
  • We offer a very comprehensive programme of care for our students and our home stays are carefully chosen, police vetted and monitored. Homes are inspected according to the requirements of the Code of Practice. Wellesley College always aims to go much further than those requirements. We have always said “if a child of mine was going to study overseas, what sort of environment would we want for them, and what safeguards would we want?”  This is of utmost importance and guides our homestay selection, monitoring and care of students.
  • Some Home stays are within walking distance of the school but some may travel a fair distance.
  • Homes are usually houses with some ground, not apartments.
  • Students will have their own fully furnished room, all meals provided including a lunch to bring to school, and their laundry done.
  • It is hoped that the student will become one of the family and spend time talking and socializing with them.
  • There are no servants in New Zealand. We all share household chores.  Students will be expected to help wash or dry dinner dishes and to keep his/her room tidy.
  • Students must be considerate in their use of hot water, electricity and telephone. Some houses only have rain water tanks, so water needs to be conserved and showers need to be short. Hours

on the Internet are forbidden unless the student gets the hosts’ agreement. Internet may be switched off after a certain time at night.  It is common in New Zealand homes that school age children use their computer in an open family area and this may be expected.

  • Students must keep regular hours. They are here to study.  Week nights should be spent studying. If students go out at weekends they must get permission and approval from their host family who must be informed of where they intend to go along with any change of plans.  They must be home at the time specified by the hosts.  They must have their cell phone with them at all times in order to be contacted if necessary.
  • No student may be alone with anyone over the age of 18 years who has not been police vetted. This is in accordance with Wellesley College’s implementation of the Code of Practice for International Students to ensure their safety which we are responsible for.
  • No students may stay overnight at another home. If there is an exceptional circumstance that may require the student to move to another home for a night this can only be arranged with the authority of the International Department.
  • If a student has a problem with their homestay, they should contact the International Students Office as quickly as possible. They will discuss the issue and if not resolved immediately, will arrange a meeting with the home stay family and student.  If the problem is unresolved, it may be necessary for the school to change the home stay family.

5. Homestay Charges

  • The fee is $320 per week. This is payable in advance, a requirement for the visa, assuring accommodation for the year. (Students staying with a parent or designated caregiver will need evidence of funds for the year according to the current Immigration Policy.)
  • If a student has to change home stay more than once because of his/her unreasonable demands or misbehaviour a further placement charge will be made.
  • If a student goes away during the holidays, they must first fill out a permission for travel slip and get authorisation from the Head of the International Department. A charge of $100 per week applies during their absence.
  • At the end of the school year, most students return to their home countries. The board payments stop during this time.  If the student is returning to the homestay the next year, he can either:
    1. Pack up his gear and take it home or
    2. if convenient, leave it at the homestay, or
    3. If it is not convenient for the homestay to store it, we can make alternative arrangements.
  • If students are not going home during the long holidays, families are paid as usual and the student will need to pay additional homestay fees to cover the duration for the long holidays. For most New Zealand families, the long holidays at Christmas time are usually special family time and for most families it would not be convenient to continue having a homestay student.

6. Designated Care (A private arrangement by the family)

  • A Designated Caregiver is either a family member or a close friend of the family who knows the student well and with whom the parents wish their child to live.
  • An agent representing the family may not be the Designated Caregiver.
  • All details of the designated caregiver must be completed in the application form and the parents must sign that they take responsibility for this placement and that the student may not move from this placement unless it is to a home approved by Wellesley College.
  • Designated caregivers are required: to be interviewed, have everyone over 18 years old police vetted, have a house inspection to make sure the house meets the minimum standards as outlined in the Code of Practice for The Care of International Students, and have visits twice per year to ensure the welfare of the student. Designated caregivers are responsible for students after school hours.
  • No designated caregiver will be approved unless there is an adult member of the household who is able to communicate in English.
  • Students may not live in rented flats or apartments or in any circumstances not approved by the School. Should this occur Wellesley College will terminate the enrollment of the student.

7. Insurance

  • All International Students must have appropriate travel and medicalinsurance. Insurance cover must be translated in English for the school and must meet the minimal cover standards as outlined by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. The guidelines for ‘appropriate insurance’ can be accessed in pdf format by this link via the NZQA Website.Insurance in New Zealand may be terminated due to non-disclosure of personal details. Should, for any reason, the international student have insurance terminated, the student will be required to be absent from school until appropriate replacement insurance is obtained. International students without insurance are unable to be enrolled at Wellesley College.All International Students (including group students) must have a New Zealand based comprehensive travel, medical and personal insurance policy in place prior to departing from home, and for the duration of their stay in New Zealand. The College will arrange for medical and travel insurance for the duration of the student’s enrolment at the parent’s expense.  Wellesley College uses ‘Studentsafe’ Medical and Travel Insurance.  Studentsafe is a product offered by Insurancesafe NZ, part of the Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.

8. Termination of Agreement

The school’s responsibility for the student ends on their last day of enrollment. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time upon 2 weeks’ written notice being given to the other party. If the agreement is terminated, the  Fee Protection and Refund Policy will apply.


9. Cost of Tuition

(Years 1 to 6)

Duration Weekly 1 Term 2 Terms  3 Terms 4 Terms
Cost $ 625 $ 6250 $ 12 500 $ 18 750 $ 25 000

 (Years 7&8)

Duration Weekly 1 Term 2 Terms  3 Terms 4 Terms
Cost $ 800 $ 8 000 $ 16 000 $ 24 000 $ 32 000

*All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD)

**This fee is inclusive of English tuition, stationery and any incidental costs associated with the school programmes.  This fee does not cover the cost of the school uniform, sports teams, photos and other non-educational school-based activities.

10. Fee Refunds

If a student withdraws from their course of study before the completion date, they may be eligible for a refund of tuition fees. The school will always investigate requests for a refund and act fairly. Refer to the Fee Protection and Refund Policy.

11. Fee Protection

Fees paid by international students are secure and protected against the possibility of an interruption to the course. Our school’s internal procedures to monitor income and expenditure ensure that money is controlled appropriately.

The conditions of the Fee Protection and Refund Policy must be accepted and signed before enrollment begins. The School holds sufficient reserves to be able to refund the Student’s fees if the School is unable to provide, or continue, the course of tuition.