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Wellesley Parents’ Association – Next meeting is the AGM - Monday 25th March, 7.30pm, Wellesley College Staff room

Get involved today ……… Wellesley needs you!

The Parents’ Association is a friendly group of parents of Wellesley boys ranging from year 1 to year 8.  We have a mixture of working and non-working Mums and Dads who are keen to get involved.  All parents are welcome at our meetings (dates below) and it is always good to see new faces.

The Association’s has several roles – to foster community spirit among parents, to undertake fundraising activities for the benefit of all the boys and to support the School and Foundation in the events that they organise.

For example, some of our activities have included quiz nights, parent education evenings with guest speakers, Entertainment Books and running the Wellesley Gala.  In recent years, the Parents’ Association have donated funds for the purchase of the School Piano, Artworks, Choir Risers, Sporting Equipment, and so much more.  We have also raised money for the new School playground that is part of the School’s Master Planning project.

Being on the PA is a great way to feel involved in the school, meet other parents and to find out a bit more about what goes on. .

We meet in the School Staffroom at 7.30pm and are all finished by 9.00pm. Meetings are also attended by the Principal, Brendan Pitman, or by one of his senior staff members.  Occasionally a representative from the Board may attend to provide an update.

Meeting dates for 2019:

-          Monday, 11 February

-          Monday 25 March (AGM)

Other meeting dates TBA



-           Katy Lethbridge (Chairperson)

-           Frances Crombie (Deputy Chairperson)

-           Rachael Wilson (Secretary)

-           Bridget Hargreaves (Deputy Secretary)

-           Robert Pritchard (Treasurer)

-           Rochelle Parks (Deputy Treasurer)

If you would like any further information, please contact Katy Lethbridge – .


WPA Minutes 26 March 2018
WPA Minutes 7 May 2018.pdf
WPA Minutes 11 June 2018.pdf

WPA Minutes 6 Aug 18.pdf
WPA Minutes 10 September 2018.pdf

WPA Minutes 16 October 2018.pdf

WPA Minutes 12 November 2018.pdf

WPA Minutes 11 February 2019 .pdf