Why consider gifting a bequest in your Will to the Foundation?

Donations to Wellesley enable the school to maintain the highest standards of education possible and help protect this unique school into the future.

The generosity of Wellesley Old Boys, parents and staff over many decades has been a vital factor in Wellesley achieving a status that it is widely recognised for today.

Despite a connection strongly felt, and a desire to support, you may not always be able to make a gift of money during your lifetime. Bequests are a wonderful way to leave a legacy and are a lifeline to any organisation, as they give assurance that there will be funds in the future to fulfill its mission.

Roger Mexted

Roger taught at Wellesley from 1985 – 2011.  He died suddenly in 2011, aged 58 years.  Roger made a significant bequest in his will, and his legacy continues to live on in the form of the THE MEXTED SCHOLARSHIP which is awarded every two years for a Year 7-8 scholar.

Tim Jamieson

Tim Jamieson

Tim attended Wellesley from 1991 – 1992, for Years 7-8.  He died suddenly in 2002, aged 21 years.  Tim’s legacy continues to live on in THE TIM JAMIESON MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP, which is awarded every two years for a Year 7-8 scholar.

Future Scholarships

Both the Mexted and Jamieson gifts provide a secure platform for the future of scholarships and have encouraged further notified gifts in Wills. Simple wording is all that is required in your will or amendment to a will called a codicil. See an example below.

Will Sample

“I give and bequeath to Wellesley College Foundation the sum of $ [      ] or property, assets or a percentage of my estate as described for the general purposes of Wellesley College [or for a specific stated purposeand I declare the official receipt of  [     ] an authorized signatory shall be a good discharge to my Trustees.”

It would help us if you did notify your gift in your will, but there is no legal requirement.

In Memoriam Donations

If you would like to honour the memory of a loved one who has passed away and who has a connection with Wellesley, you are welcome to make an ‘in memoriam’ donation to Wellesley.

Important: The Wellesley College Foundation is approved by the IRD as a charitable organisation for tax purposes, and is registered under the Charities Act.

Please be assured that all gift and bequest amounts and associated details are strictly confidential.


This Will and In Memoriam information has been designed to provide general information and guidance only and is not intended to offer professional, legal or other advice.  We recommend that donors considering making a bequest to Wellesley consult their own legal and financial advisors in this matter.

We are grateful for every bequest, whatever the amount.  All bequests will help maintain and shape the future direction of Wellesley.

If you would like any further information or a confidential conversation regarding making a contribution or the any other aspect of the Foundation please contact us at foundation@wellesley.school.nz or Rosie on (04) 562 8030, ext 835  for more information, or fill out the form below and submit and we will get back to you.