One of the platforms available to support these scholarships is the Centenary Scholarship Brick -BRICK100. A limited edition of 100 engraved bricks will be placed on the outside stage wall of the Centennial Hall. At $2160 each, these bricks, when all sold, will provide annual funding for one half-of a Centenary Scholarship, in perpetuity.

We hope that if all the BRICK100 limited edition bricks are subscribed within the period of one year from the Centenary, the half-scholarship can be awarded in 2016.Payments over time can be negotiated. 

Moreover, one lucky donor will be drawn from the BRICK100 subscribers, who will not only receive a full reimbursement of their donation but will also be part of the confidential selection process of the first scholar for this scholarship.


The draw will take place only if all 100 bricks are subscribed within the time period and the winner of the draw will be confidential.


We invite you to consider this way of supporting Wellesley’s future through establishing scholarships during its Centenary year. For more information, please contact the Development office on 04 576 2274 or and let’s discuss in confidence how you can be a part of transforming young boy’s life or donate now by filling out the following form and submitting it to us electronically.