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Performing and visual arts are a vibrant part of our weekly timetable. Our education in creative arts focuses on learning to understand and value creative expression, to think laterally, and to convey ideas and emotions – as well as having fun.

All boys from Year 0 to Year 8 have timetabled performance and arts programmes, including music, drama and dance. In addition, many boys are able to have individual tuition in an instrument during school hours via our itinerant music programme. The specialist performing arts teachers conduct the school instrumental ensembles and choirs, and frequent ‘performing assemblies’, workshops and public performances give individuals and groups the opportunity to share their talents. Our rock band regularly enter the ‘Battle of the Bands’ and our school drama productions involve all the boys.

Our performing arts facilities include a spacious music studio with four separate practice rooms and a studio for dance and drama. As from 2014 we will have a new performing arts facility as part of the redevelopment of our school hall/auditorium.

As well as having touring performers visit the school, we also take students to a variety of shows including the New Zealand Festival of the Arts, so they can experience world-class stage performances.

We have a specialist visual arts teacher and purpose-built art rooms. Visual arts students regularly visit galleries to extend their learning and appreciation. The students are exposed to diverse mediums, and importance is given to both their technique and how they use their original ideas. Our biennial ‘Artist in Residence’ programme has so far featured New Zealand art icons, Wayne Yule and Ben Timmins.

Fundamental to a sound art programme is drawing and painting, and classes in these skills are held throughout the year, using everything from charcoal to ink. Other media we explore each year include clay, printmaking, mask making, construction and photography.

The large and lively art studios are open to the boys outside formal class times, and many students choose to work on independent art pursuits in their free time. These wonderful facilities encourage the development of free-thinking, observant boys who are aware of their world.

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