#Leadership #Academic – Old Boy’s eCommerce success

26 February 2020

Old boy Andrew Underwood, class of 2002, Co-founder of Commerce.js

Andrew attended Wellesley for five years (1999 – 2002), starting in Year 5 with the legendary Mr Mexted.

He was taught by Mr Blandford in Year 8, a true highlight for Andrew who recalls Mr B as “an incredible teacher and role model.” Andrew particularly enjoyed the freedom to roam in the Days Bay bush and he loved all areas of his education at Wellesley particularly art, speeches and music. “Wellesley was great at exposing me to all ends of the educational spectrum. I played saxophone, lived in the art room and consistently made the finals in speeches (I dressed up as and gave my speech on Austin Powers one year in front of the whole school.)”

Pictured: Commerce.js co-founders Devan Koshal and Andrew Underwood

Andrew also excelled in sports and whilst at Wellesley he was captain of the tennis team, a multiple cross country champ and a keen swimmer. He also found time to be the athletics champ and play football and underwater hockey. Andrew went on to Wellington College where he “double downed on athletics” and went on to represent NZ in the 400m in the Under18 and Under20 World and Oceania champs. Further, Andrew was Deputy Head boy in Year 13 at Wellington College.

Andrew is now based in Vancouver and spoke to Radio NZ in January 2020 about his e-commerce platform company Commerce.js. Andrew and co-founder Devan started their tech company in 2015 and this year they have managed to secure NZ$2.5 million from a venture capital fund to get their technology sold to online retailers and compete with other eCommerce giants in the U.S. Andrew spoke to RNZ about the challenges they have faced along the way and how they are now working on bringing their product to market. You can hear the interview on Radio NZ and full details of the venture capital funding announcement can be found on the Commerce.js blogsite.

Congratulations Andrew. You are an outstanding all-rounder and we are super proud of your achievements. The immensely proud staff and boys at Wellesley wish you every success in your tech journey ahead. / Facebook: Commerce.js

Pictured: Andrew as a Year 8 winner (along with Arran Whiteford) of the Science Fair, in 2002.