Samuel Flynn Scott


The Rise and Rise of The Phoenix Foundation

Samuel Flynn Scott, founder of high flying Wellington band The Phoenix Foundation, says Wellesley got him on the road in the world of music.

Sam told At the Bay one of his first ever musical appearances was in the descant choir for a Wellesley school production.

“That was when I learnt I could sing,” says Scott, who attended Wellesley from 1990 – 1991.

Describing himself as a fairly quiet child who spent a lot of time reading, Sam says he was also involved in the “usual boy things” like playing rugby although “I was never any good, and always in the 2nd XV, but I enjoyed it and played on and off until I was 21.”

Sam has positive recollections of teachers at Wellesley, who encouraged students to focus on what they enjoyed and excelled in.

“There wasn’t a great deal of pressure to be successful in every avenue.  They were more into making kids feel good about their strengths, rather than bad at what they weren’t so good at.”

Of teachers, in general, he says:  “It’s not so much what you are taught, but what they inspire.  It’s about getting that inspirational person who encourages you to do your own thing and learn your own ways.”