Noel Smallwood

1936 - 1939

I attended Wellesley from 1936 to 1939.  The only teachers I can recall were the Principal Mr W Stevens and the Teachers, Miss Tucker and Mr Jack Lamason who was a New Zealand cricketer.  The school building was a double storied wooden building with not a very large playing area.  Sports were played away from school, athletics was at Anderson Park and I think we played either rounders or baseball at that venue as well.  I used to have a hot meal served in the school dining room at midday.  All this was at the Terrace and is a changed scene these days.  I think I was in gymnastics and athletics.

After completing my education in the Wairarapa, my Form 1 year was at Rongotai College as my parents felt that travelling to Days Bay every day made it a long day but is not by today’s travelling that is done by school bus travellers.