Jeremy Owen

1990 – 1995 

“It is hard to think of a specific time when I became interested in science, mainly because I cannot think of a time when I wasn’t!

That said I never had a specific drive to become “a scientist”.  It’s just that I have always found it satisfying to make sense of things, be it pulling apart an old radio to see what the bits do or getting lost in reading about how the pieces of the human body function and fit together.  I guess I’ve always liked the little details that give meaning to the big picture.

I enjoyed participating in the Wellesley Science Fairs.  My project had the lofty aim of protecting orchards from hail damage and got about as far as my throwing ice cubes at apples from the top of our tree fort.

I also really liked future problem solving and the thinking hats.  I think that one of the best things about Wellesley, for me anyway, was being given the tools to find out about things that interested me: how to use an encyclopedia; how to break down a problem; what makes a fair scientific test.

I also really loved art and music, to the extent that they were often what I looked forward to most in the school day.