James Budge

- 2012


I started Wellesley at the age of 5 in Year 1 and was lucky to stay through till Year 8.

I came home from school on my first day ever and my mum asked me what my highlights were. I said I went to the Principal’s office and my mum nearly fell over, so did my brother who was an older student. She asked what happened and I said I had challenged Mr Owen to a race around the school. Although It took Mr Owen 8 years of training to man up and face me, he still lost on my last day.

On my second day of school I felt like it would be more fun if I went home near the end of lunch because the sandpit at home seemed more interesting and because there was no sandpit at school at the time. So I took my new friend to play in my sandpit at home just up the road from school. Our parents were phoned and some of the Senior boys were sent out to look for us. Mrs Garland was halfway up the hill when we started walking down the hill. We were marched back to school by Mrs Garland. The next day our parents and us were made to follow Mrs Garland around the school with a large piece of chalk to show us the boundary of the school and where not to leave. Mrs Garland told our parents that in her teaching career that she had never lost a child in school while she was in charge.