Hugh Turnbull



I was a pupil at Wellesley College from 1929 to 1932.  The college was then on the Terrace and had a number of older pupils trying to catch up on their education.

I was 14 and had been living in the highlands of Kenya and could not read or write.  The school took me to catch up my education.  I was put in standard 6, as the primary school was geared to reading and writing.  I was pretty self-reliant and could speak for myself.  I also did not have a uniform at the beginning of term one, so I went dressed up as a young man and they all thought I was a new teacher!  I soon learnt to read and write and in my second year went to form 3.  I matriculated in 1932.  By this time I had adapted to school life.  I became head of the school (Dux) and was sergeant Major of the cadet forces.

I went to Victoria to do a Law degree in 1933.  I did the lectures from 8 to 10 and 5 to 8 pm as I was at work all day from 1934.  I was one of three to be appointed in a Government Department after the depression when recruiting had been stopped.  In 1936 I went to a Law firm and I was engaged in registration and searching at the registry offices for documents.  I learnt the running of a Law firm.  I was engaged in all forms of Law.