Arthur Curtis

Headmaster 1972 – 1977



Robert (Bert) Vance bowling to his father in a fathers and sons cricket match and father Rob Vance a Wellington Cricket captain tonking young Bert’s bowling across the road and into the sea.  Bert later played for New Zealand.

Fathers’ running race at the Annual Sports Day.

Michael Hobbs (father of future All Black Captain and NZRF Board Chairman– Jock Hobbs) who had won the race the previous two years had been warned not to start in the race or he would be ‘nobbled’.

On the starter’s whistle Mr Hobbs (a senior judge) lay sprawled on the track while the others battled for first place.

No one admitted foul play but Messrs Lowry, Renner, Shelley, Shirtcliffe and Steele were in that race and determined to win it!

Arthur Curtis (Headmaster)