Thousands of students who have attended Wellesley are our School’s best advocates, along with Past Staff who have taught at this unique environment over the years.  Together they are Wellesley’s champions!

With the school turning its milestone 100th birthday at Labour weekend 2014, we have been attempting to re-establish contact with as many Old Boys and Past Staff (known collectively as our “Alumni “) as we can. Our annual publication, At the Bay, is sent out to all Wellesley Friends each Christmas, eliciting much comment and delight from our Alumni. Many keep us updated with their news and new contacts, to ensure they remain part of the evolving Wellesley story.

As we are keen to keep in touch with our Alumni, we need your help keep our Database current.  For many, we have no record of attendance and our contact information for others is out of date.  Please help us with our updating to continue to build the Wellesley heritage.

Please use the form here to update your details.

Our hope is to compile a complete list of Wellesley Alumni from our existing records, some of which is incomplete, and from information that you are able to provide. We ask that all Alumni and Friends, past and future, please keep in touch. We appreciate that contact details change, people move on and our databases become out of date.

To expedite this we have made available here the Alumni lists we have, and encourage you to help us improve the accuracy of these by filling in the online form accompanying them, not only for yourself, but if there are any inaccuracies or omissions regarding your fellow classmates, family, and friends.

Alternatively use the Facebook pages below, the ‘Update your Details’ or “Become a Friend of Wellesley” facilities on this site or contact our Old Boys Coordinator, alumni (at)

We look forward to staying in touch and thank you.