Scholarship Application Form Years 7 and 8.pdf
Scholarship Application Form - from Year 4.pdf

All Wellesley Scholarships are based on the philosophy that the awardee would not normally be able to access the school due to the circumstances they face. This means that awardees may not have the financial ability to fund the fees from any family member or donor who would offer to pay for their attendance at the school.

Scholarships are only open to NZ Citizens and Permanent Residents. 

Scholarships for Year 7, 2018 and Year 8, 2019 are now open and applications close on Monday 2nd October at 2pm.

A part Scholarship will be considered for Year 4,2018 - Year 8, 2022 applications are now open and close on Monday 2nd October at 2pm.

To apply for either of these Scholarships, please contact: Karen Reid, or download an application from the links above.