Wellesley 1st XV play Hadlow 1st XV.  Sport exchange held at Hadlow, Masterton on 5 July 2018 - images by parent Nicola Nelson

The annual Grandparents Day was held on Friday 29 June - images by Phil Benge.

The Wellesley College Science Fair was held on Thursday 28 June 2018 - images by Phil Benge

Old Boys Back to School Friday 1 June 2018 - images by Rosie Torbit and Margie Beattie

Wellesley choir exchange with Queen Margaret College, held Friday 15 June - images  by Phil Benge. 

More memories from the Makahika Year 5 Camp - images by parent Steve Gawn

Makahika Year 5 Camp, 6-8 June 2018 - images by Nicola Nelson

Years 1-6 Cross Country, held Thurs 3 May at Wellesley.  Images by Phil Benge.

Summer sports exchange with Hereworth held at Wellesley and Te Whiti Park, Lower Hutt 29 March 2018. Images by Phil Benge. 

Year 8 Cross Country 6 April 2018. Images by Phil Benge. 

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